Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Guild of Outsider Writers - Todd Moore's Outlaw Blues

I've been spending some time over at Outsider Writers, my home away from home, but now that our birth pains are over I can really concentrate on stuff having to do with The Whirligig.

I'm finalizing things for the summer release of The Whirligigzine, but am still not happy that it is largely a testosterone fest, with not a single lady in evidence among the completely fine contributors. For some reason none of them heard my calls for submissions. Perhaps I wasn't loud enough? The mystery remains, though there will be changes in issue 2, which will benefit from a woman's touch.

I just posted the above mentioned "rant" at OW in the Naked Opinion column that I edit and will be interested to see what sort of feedback we get on it.


Literary Monthly said...

I too missed your call for submissions, but would like to submit. Do you have a myspace? Mine is myspace.com/stokeycat. You run a great site at The Guild. If you had a myspace you could join my Influential Writers group. Please consider doing so. Keep in touch - Mikael Covey

JDF said...

Thanks for the kind words. My request is in at your Myspace.