Saturday, October 27, 2007

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Linkage at The Whirligigzine

Fiction writers who appear in The Whirligigzine are now linked from the site, which is about to go live with fiction and poetry and surprises. See what these great writers are doing besides The Whirligigzine. What do Nick Mamatas, Karl Koweski, Kevin Dole 2, and Jeff Somers have to offer besides what you'll see in The Whirligigzine Issue 1.2? Please go and find out.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Inside The New Whirligigzine

Into SF, Fantasy, writing that is bizarre, as well as that existing outside of the usual categories? Then you'll want to read the forthcoming issue of The Whirligigzine.

Meanwhile, is going live in a matter of days, followed by the print version in early November, around the time of the World Fantasy Convention, Nov 1-4 in Saratoga NY.

Included in The Whirligigzine will be Bram Stoker nominee Nick (Move Under Ground; Under My Roof) Mamatas with another of his well-wrought entertaining/disturbing stories. Longtime zinester Jeff Somers, who has a new novel called The Electric Church (Orbit) out now, will be represented with a hard-edged story that almost needs a new genre to describe it -- how about avant-noir? Jeff will be at WFC, as will I, to catch any stray rays of his reflected glory, which I'll use to illuminate the wonders of The Whirligigzine, Issue 1a. Or something like that. (Jeff's site, is worth a visit.)

And if you like hard-hitting stories, where horror is an everyday occurrence and the writing keeps you off balance from first sentence to last, Karl Koweski and Kevin Dole2 will set you up with a couple that make Palahniuk look like a sissy. And top it all off with an excerpt from August H. Bjorn's novel The Prodigal sending you on an all-expenses-unpaid trip to one of the circles of an outrageous and hilarious Dantesque hell in the modern world.

And then the poets...

But I'll tell you about them in another update. They deserve one of their own.

And then I'll tell you about a couple editorial surprises.

If you need a zine that is SFnal and fantastical/bizarre, while literary enough to shut up the inevitable naysayers, write to me at Or go to in a couple weeks to order. Prepublication updates will continue to be found here on The Whirliblog.
Daily Kos

The Whirligig gets a mention.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Whirligigzine Update

The Whirligigzine will not be ready for its unveiling at the 215 Festival in Philly this coming weekend, which is just as well, because thanks to timing the World Fantasy Convention will be taking place in Saratoga NY just as The Whirligigzine is coming off the presses in early November. As its pages will offer a number of stories more in line with the focus and interests of the Con and its attendees, that gathering is a natural launching pad for TW. More updates to follow.

For those looking for a zine fix in Philadelphia this weekend, look no further than the Rotunda:

4014 Walnut St
Philadelphia PA 19104
Sun. 10/7, 12-6pm

The Philly Zine Fest

"Our goal is to embrace written and verbal communication as much as
possible without constraints. At the zine fest, be prepared for
everything from personal experiences to artistic talent to first-hand
politics. Trading of information is in abundance, and in many formats.

This year, the Philly Zine Fest is part of the 215 Festival,
Philadelphia's own home-grown literary arts festival, celebrating
writers, writing, books, art, and independent publishing. Events
include readings, films, and "cross-pollinated performances" held in
galleries, bars, museums, and theaters citywide. The Festival is a
showcase for performers that are as smartly engaging as a book and
authors that are as fun to watch as a band."

Here's a list of everyone tabling so far:

Cake & Pie Press - Mary Tasillo
Childlike Empress - raequel solomon
CHiNesE SwEAtSHoP - Elsie Sampson
Collagen Books of Cara Christopher and Ashley Purciello. - Cara
Decades Of Confusion Feed The Insect - Justin Duerr
Dimanche Zine - Sabrina Simon
EMPTY - ROMERO BURRUEL - Jacinta Bunnell
Howzit Funnies - Andrew Cohen
Microcosm Publishing - Steven
Old Weird America zine - Rosie White
Parcell Press - Taylor Ball
Pony Express Zine - Rebekah Buchanan
Q.E.D. - Jessica Greif
Queen Anne's Revenge Press - Katie Baldwin
Radical Rabbit Distro - Luke Romano
Say It Loud, Make It Plain Press - Ianna
Sisu zine - Johanna
Slip Into Something Human - Tracy Youells
So Sue Me - Sean Moran
Suburban Blight - Stephanie Basile
Sugar and Spite - Ali Thompson
The Idiom - Mark Baird
The La-La Theory - Katie
Three Crows Press - Matt Dembicki
Trabant and Revelling in NY zines - Megan and Heather
Tric Zine - Casey Grabowski
True Grit Distro - Paolo and Claryn
Typeset - Sean
Wayward Press - Jeff

- Background music will be DJ'd by Chucky La Counte.
- Vegan Food to be catered by 2 Potato Catering. Bottled water will
also be available.