Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Zinesters and Underground Writers Take Note --

There's no reason why The Whirliblog shouldn't be all about underground writers. How many blogs cover this area? Desperately few.

That is what TW will be dedicated to. If you have any info about yourself, authors you know and like, or if you are a small publisher with any info about underground writers, send it my way. (Big publishers need not apply.)

The Whirliblog is also a part of the The Guild Of Outsider Writers, and will highlight the actions of that group, of which I am a founding member.

So send me any news you may have of undergrounders, but remember: I'm not looking for glitzy gossip items, to turn this into another frothy litblog, beholden to corporate publishers and making a big deal about yet another interview with already overexposed writers. News, entertainment and support for underground writers is the goal.

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