Thursday, August 24, 2006 Coming Soon!

And there will not only be literature there, but cool stories about literature.

In case you don’t know, literature is not something that you earn, or work for.

Literature is something that you have to do, so you do it.

Are you a good enough writer to produce literature? I won’t dignify that rhetorical question with a response. (Right there are two sentences, that, while attaining a tone of irony together, may create an effect that might be construed as merely stupid by those not ironically attuned. I don't really know.)

I’m sure there is a difference between literature and writing, but since I am a writer, I don’t know exactly what it is. Perhaps if I were a "literati" I could be of more assistance in this area. (But I still might not tell you if I did know.)

Anyway. There will be writing presented. If you think it is literature, well that's fine.

If you have some writing that you have produced and would like to try to have it appear on one of the Whirligig sites, or in the print edition, you can send it to me. If you're not sure if your writing is actual literature, well, join the club.

And remember that in this case I am the club's president.

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